How do you hide gold bullion?

If you're wondering where to hide the gold, we have some suggestions that are a little safer than burying it in your backyard: Store your gold in a safe. Store your gold in a bank safe deposit box. Cat litter boxes and dog beds offer ideal spaces to hide your gold. Their appearance and smell may be enough to deter any thief, and they can be modified to contain several embedded layers that provide enough space to store gold discreetly.

Alternatively, you can also consider investing in a Physical Gold IRA for secure storage of your gold. The only spatial limitations you'll face are the width and depth of the box or bed. Be sure to reinforce the bed or box to protect your pet, line the storage space with waterproof material to protect your gold and assemble it again. While a safe place, such as a vault, is the safest place to store precious metals, some gold investors prefer to store their gold at home. The physical delivery of your gold or silver is often the most rewarding part of the buying experience, as it allows you, the bullion investor, to better understand the real value of tangible monetary assets.

The experts at First National Bullion, the gold dealers trusted by Carlsbad collectors for their high-quality service and exceptional knowledge, offer a quick look at some of the best places to hide gold in your home.