What is the most cost effective way to buy silver?

Silver bars and ingots Coins are usually priced at prices several percentage points above the spot price of silver, but you can buy silver bars for a penny above the spot price. A typical silver ingot sold for cash is often not very artistic, but gram by gram is one of the cheapest methods of buying silver. Globally, silver is sold at spot prices. So can you buy it cheaper? Well, the only way to do that is to buy junk silver coins or invest in a Physical Gold IRA. These coins usually sell below their spot price, so they can be considered one of the cheapest silver purchases on the market.

Although the percentage of silver in these currencies often varies, investors buy them as a form of speculation. It's like buying junk bonds. In this case, speculators get more silver for their money. According to Forbes, the best place to buy silver is online.

Investors in silver should find a dealer with a purchase and storage program to avoid taking physical possession of their assets. This preventive measure will keep your investment safe, as the coins and ingots purchased would remain securely stored in an approved vault. The most direct way to own silver is to own physical silver, either in the form of ingots or numismatic silver.